Jikiden Reiki for the mind

Jikiden Reiki Mind Treatment

Jikiden Reiki for the Mind: Cultivating Mental Clarity and Calm

I recognize that mental well-being is as vital as physical health. The Jikiden Reiki Mind Treatment is designed to release the mental blockages that can arise from life’s challenges.

Tailored to Your Mental Needs
Each session is specifically tailored to target your mental well-being, addressing the strong emotions or stress that can disrupt your mental pathways, guiding you towards a peaceful state of mind.

Your Session Structure
In our time together, I first focus on clearing any physical blockages to ensure the energy flows smoothly for the mental healing part of the treatment. The remainder of the session is dedicated to the mental topic you choose to explore, with space afterwards to discuss your experience.

Recommended Path for Mental Wellness
For a profound impact on your mental well-being, I recommend a course of 3 to 5 sessions, allowing us to work deeply and create lasting change.

Help with

Achieving Yasuragi with the Gokai principles

The Gokai principles were created by Mikao Usui as a way to preserve the balance between the body and the mind. There are a gentle reminder of staying in the here and now during the day.

In Japan, it is believed that words carry specific energy, good or bad. This is called Kotodama with Koto that means “words”, and dama that means “soul”. In order to preserve the correct energy of the Gokai principles, make sure to use the Japanese version.

Repeat them 3x in the morning and 3x in the evening every day and see what changes happen inside of you.

Kyo dake wa

Ikaru na

Shinpai suna

Kansha shite

Gyo-o hage-me

Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Just for today

Be a little less angry

Be a little less worried

Be grateful

Do your work diligently

Be kind to others