Sotaiho Treatment

Sotaiho: Restoring Balance Through Natural Movement

Experience the unique healing art of Sotaiho, a therapeutic method developed by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto to correct physical imbalances and restore your body to health.

Personalized Movement Therapy
In our Sotaiho sessions, I lead you through light movements that align with your body’s natural tendencies. This process, rooted in the pleasant movement principle, ensures comfort and effectiveness in restoring balance.

Combining Breathing and Movement for Healing
Our sessions incorporate breathing techniques that help you move beyond your usual range of motion without discomfort. This process is designed to nourish the tissues, clear metabolic waste, and calm an overactive nervous system, which can often lead to muscle tension and imbalance.

Embracing Hashimoto’s Philosophy
Sotaiho is grounded in a philosophy that merges Eastern tradition with Western biomechanics. The goal is to work with the body’s natural tendency to move away from pain and towards balance and harmony.

A Practice of Self-Awareness and Healing
With Sotaiho, I don’t just provide therapy; I empower you with a method for self-care that can enhance your well-being even beyond our session

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